Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Causes Water Damage

This storm took place in a Bend, Oregon home. The storm caused water damage in the dining room of this resident’s home. The owners of this home called SER... READ MORE

Major Storm Damages Homes & Household Items.

Residents of Keizer, Oregon have experienced major flooding that's caused thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost items. Although major floods in Keizer, Sa... READ MORE

Furniture & Wood Floors Ruined By Flood Waters

Should you keep your furniture that has been damaged by flood waters during a storm? We do not recommend keeping furniture that has been damaged by flood water.... READ MORE

When The Road Is Flooded Turn Back - Salem, Oregon

Do Not Drive Through Flood Waters! Your safety is of the utmost importance. Should you see flood waters crest over the road, refrain from driving through it. E... READ MORE

Storms Cause Major Flooding and Leave Piles of Dirt

How much debris is left behind after large community storm and floor? Would you have guessed that floods caused by storms can leave behind dirt that when pushed... READ MORE

A Major Storm In Salem, Oregon Is Not That Common

A major storm struck a small community in North Dakota and our Salem, Oregon team responded to the call! During a massive community disastrous event, we are her... READ MORE