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Attic Mold in Salem, Oregon

When you find mold in your attic, what should you do? Mold can grow in most environments. From the hot desert to cold refrigerator. Think of the food in your ... READ MORE

When Mold Strikes Your Keizer, Oregon Home

Where can you find mold?This is a great question to ask yourself? When identifying mold issues, you don't need to be a scientist.You only need to answer a ... READ MORE

Containing Mold in Keizer, Oregon

Occupant & Work Safety is the most important thing when performed Mold clean-up and abatement in Keizer, Oregon.SERVPRO of Salem West uses containment chamb... READ MORE

Hidden Mold in Keizer, Oregon

Kitchen mold found behind the cabinets in Keizer, Oregon. In the event of water damage to your Keizer, Oregon home, be cautious to hire qualified companies lik... READ MORE

Mold Cleaning in Salem, Oregon

Regular home maintenance can help reduce the possibility of mold growth. SERVPRO of Salem West was called into to provide property manager mold remediation behi... READ MORE

Kitchen Stove-Top Fire in Dallas, Oregon

"It's just a small fire, I don't see a lot of damage"Although that statement may be true, did you know that soot damage can be costly too?In a number of stove t... READ MORE

Salem, Oregon - Commercial Building Fire Damage

What's in your Business Continuity Plan? Did you know a high percentage of business that experience and fire or flood damage in Salem, Oregon and across the co... READ MORE

When To Repair Electronics Destroyed by Fire?

How do we decide which electronics to repair or discard? This topic comes up on all projects that have electronics damaged by fire. SERVPRO of Salem West, loca... READ MORE

Turner Oregon House Fire

Fires can strike at anytime! Your safety is the most important thing to remember in any structure fire. Get out of the house as your safety trumps everythi... READ MORE

Fire in Salem, Oregon

Dryer Vent fires cause millions of dollars in damages every year while being something that most people have the ability to prevent.Lint builds up over time and... READ MORE