SERVPRO of Salem West and SERVPRO of Lincoln & Polk Counties Employee Photos

Male employee Michael’s photo and credentials

Michael Spoerhase

Title: General Manager

Michael Spoerhase is the General Manager at SERVPRO of Salem West. He’s been a part of the SERVPRO family for 5 years now. Michael’s exceptional work ethic and ability to create new opportunities within the franchise makes him a vital asset to our team.

Michael is IICRC-certified and trained in WRT, FSRT, OCT, AMRT and HST.

Michael believes that if we take care of our employees, our employees will take care of our customers, and we will grow the business together.

Outside of SERVPRO: Michael enjoys hiking in the Cascade foothills and landscaping his family’s wooden property after work.

Favorite Movie: Elf.

Female employee, Leah’s Photo and credentials

Leah Ross

Title: Office Manager

Leah Ross is the Office Manager for SERVPRO of Salem West. Leah’s been with the SERVPRO family for 8 years now. Leah’s key role in our team is maintaining operations and organization of the entire franchise.

She is IICRC certified and trained in WTR. She also has past experience in many areas that are valuable to our SERVPRO family (property management, real estate sales, bookkeeping & accounting, & many more).

Outside of SERVPRO: Leah has a wide variety of interests that include gardening, reading, exploring urban & rural areas, watching documentaries, and working on any projects that catch her eye. 

Leah has 4 kids, 3 at home (Cheyenne, Thomas and Anthony).  Her daughter just graduated from Chemeketa (YAY!). Her fourth child Brian lives in NV with her grandson Kyron who will turn 3 this December. Leah has been married for 25 years to her husband Jason.

Pets: 4 cats. Baby Kitty, Scotty, Nutter Butter and Boo.

Favorite Movie: Despicable Me.

Dark haired male employee smiling at camera

Jay Priest

Title: Crew Chief  “Top Dawg”

Jay is the crew chief here at SERVPRO of Salem West and holds over 7 years in the restoration industry (6 of those with our franchise). 

Jay is IICRC-Certified and demonstrates dependable leadership and tireless work ethic everyday here at SERVPRO of Salem West.

Outside of SERVPRO: Jay is a father to 3 beautiful children.

Favorite Movie: Jay’s favorite movie genres are both Comedy & Horror.

Male employee Mike’s photo and credentials

Mike Uphoff

Title: Repairs Manager

Mike Uphoff has been with SERVPRO of Salem West for the last 6 years.

Mike’s 20+ years in the industry, positive attitude, leadership, and exceptional work ethic makes him a strong asset to our franchise.

He is IICRC certified and trained in WRT, FSRT, ASD and OCT.

Mike is a Navy Veteran of 26 years.

Outside of SERVPRO: Mike tries to catch up on his sleep, and enjoys boating.

Favorite Movie: Don’t have one, too many to choose.

Woman with dark hair smiling at camera

Melinda Marinko

Title: Reconstruction Administrator

Melinda has been a key member of the SERVPRO team for the past 5 years. She is IICRC-Certified and has over 25 years administrative experience.

Melinda’s ability to multi-task under pressure while keeping a level and kind demeanor is highly valuable to our SERVPRO team.

Outside of SERVPRO: Melinda prides herself on being an epic grandma and spending time with her family. She also enjoys Darts & Scrabble with friends, reading and writing, and watching some YouTube or Netflix.

Favorite Movie(s): Burn After Reading, Forrest Gump, Mr. Brooks, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Woman with dark hair smiling at camera

Jessica Regalado

Title: Fire & Content Manager

Jessica has been at SERVPRO for 5 years. She is IICRC certified and highly skilled in Fire Restoration & Content Restoration.

Jessica excels in leading her team.  She also oversees each job meticulously and with care. Her dedication and work ethic has made her a valuable part of the SERVPRO family.

Outside of SERVPRO: Jessica enjoys cooking, and loves relaxing at home with her family.

Favorite Movie(s): A Walk to Remember, Pearl Harbor, and The Little Mermaid.

Female employee with dark hair smiling into the camera

Jessica Curtis

Title: Administrative Assistant & Accounts Payable

Jessica Curtis has been part of the SERVPRO family for over 2 years.

Jessica’s attention to detail, sweet demeanor, and positive attitude makes her a ray of sunshine at SERVPRO of Salem West.

Outside of SERVPRO: Jessica has two fur babies at home (Chance & Shay) that are attached to her hip the moment she walks in the door!!!

Favorite Movie: Talladega Nights.

Male employee smiling at camera

Benjamin Winokur

Title: Shop, Facility, & Fleet Manager

Ben Winokur has been here at SERVPRO of Salem West for the past 3 years.

Ben’s ability to manage our company fleet and keep our facility in good order allows the rest of the crew to focus on their perspective jobs. Ben continues to be a great asset to our franchise.

Outside of work: Ben runs an e-commerce business, is remodeling his house, and loves spending time with his family.

Favorite Movie: Braveheart.

Female employee Maria’s photo and credentials

Maria Alvarez

Title: Fire Restoration Technician

Maria Alvarez has been part of our Fire Restoration Crew here at SERVPRO of Salem West for the past 15 years.

Maria’s steadfast work ethic, kindness to everyone she encounters, and exemplary attention to detail has made her a role model and a great asset to our franchise.

Outside of SERVPRO: Maria has two daughters and they all enjoy rocking out to various Spanish songsMaria also enjoys walking and camping in the great outdoors.

Favorite Color: Black.

Dark haired woman smiling at camera

Hilda Wase

Title: Fire Restoration Technician

Hilda has 14 years experience in the industry, and has spent the last 5 of those years here with our SERVPRO family.

Hilda’s ability to organize and manage customer contents, as well as perform proper cleaning measures, makes her an exceptional team member. She is IICRC-Certified in Fire Restoration.

Outside of SERVPRO: Hilda enjoys helping at her church, spending time with her family, and taking much deserved vacations.

Favorite Movie: Hilda enjoys watching movies that tell Christian Stories.

Female employee with rainbow hair smiling at camera

Angie Tuttle

Title: Estimator & Job File Coordinator

In her 3rd year at SERVPRO of Salem West, Angie is an integral part of our office team.

Much like her miraculous hair colors & amazingly stylish wardrobe, Angie exceeds in a wide variety of tasks that provide value to our SERVPRO team.

Outside of SERVPRO: Angie enjoys spending time with her daughter, together they love to explore the great outdoors. Angie also enjoys reading, writing and baking up delicious creations!

Favorite Movie: Session 9.

Man with dark hair smiling at camera

Chad Kerlegan

Title: Sales & Marketing Manager

Chad Kerlegan is the Sales & Marketing Manager for SERVPRO of Salem West. He started with the company in October 2014.

His main responsibilities at SERVPRO are to lead and train the best marketing team in the industry.

He is IICRC-certified as a WRT-Water Damage Restoration Technician & FSRT-Fire Smoke Restoration Technician.

Outside of SERVPRO: Chad enjoys running, wood working, and creating. He is married to Claudia Kerlegan for 21 years with 5 grown kids.

Inspirational People: Jesus & My Family.

Male Employee with dark hair is shown smiling at camera

Shawn Lapof

Title: Commercial Accounts

Shawn Lapof is in his 6th year at SERVPRO of Salem West. He is known throughout our team as having a positive attitude and always lending a hand when needed.

Shawn is IICRC-Certified in Water Restoration & Fire Restoration. He is also trained in Bio-Hazard Recovery.

Shawn is a long time local resident of Keizer, Oregon and graduated from McNary High School.

Outside of SERVPRO: “You’ll find me playing with dogs.”

Favorite Movie: Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back.

Woman with blonde hair smiling at camera

Johanna Allen

Title: Sales and Marketing Representative & Marketing Support Coordinator 

Johanna Allen is part of the Sales & Marketing team here at SERVPRO of Salem West.

Johanna has been with SERVPRO for over 2 years and loves connecting SERVPRO within the community. She also takes on tasks as a marketing support coordinator.

Johanna is IICRC-Certified as a Water Restoration Technician.

Outside of SERVPRO: Johanna enjoys hiking, dancing, drawing, coffee, and reading. But most of all, spending time with her 6 year old son.

Favorite Movies: The Quiet Man, When A Man Loves A Woman.

Man smiling at camera with brown hair

Chance Sherman

Title: Carpenters Helper

Chance Sherman is part of our Repairs Team at SERVPRO of Salem West.

Chance has a strong work ethic and gets the job done. Chance has been a great asset to our franchise for the past 2 years.

Outside of SERVPRO: Chance is a father to 2 sons, he does side work, enjoys video games and hiking.

Favorite Movie: Blazing Saddles.

Man with light hair smiling at camera

Zach Thompson

Title: Water Restoration Technician

Zach is approaching his 1 year mark here at SERVPRO of Salem West.

With his quick ability to learn in our industry, and his dedicated work ethic, Zach has already become an exemplary Water Restoration Technician.

Outside of SERVPRO: Zach is an avid AirSofter! He also helps out at his in-laws Goat Farm.

Favorite Movie: John Wick.

Man with light hair smiling at camera

Aaron Brown

Title: Fire Crew Chief & Carpet Cleaning Technician

Aaron has been a part of the SERVPRO of Salem West family for over a year now.

Whether he is cleaning after a fire, restoring carpets to their original luster, or helping out within our SERVPRO warehouse, Aaron has proven to be a great addition to the SERVPRO team.

Outside of SERVPRO: Aaron enjoys hanging out and reading a wide variety of books.

Favorite Movie: Depends on mood.

female employee with dark hark smiling into camera

McKenna Hunt

Title: Fire Restoration Technician

Mckenna has been a part of our Fire Team for 1 year now.

This is her first job in the industry and she has proven to have a natural knack for it.

Outside of SERVPRO: Mckenna enjoys spending time with her friends and enjoying her favorite restaurants.

Favorite TV Show: Ghost Whisperer (she has enjoyed re-watching all the seasons at least 3 times).

Man with dark hair smiling at camera

Tate Parr

Title: Water Restoration Technician

Tate is one of the newest Water Team members at SERVPRO of Salem West. He is known by his teammates as being a hard worker and has shown exceptional work ethic at the franchise.

With his quick ability to learn new skills, and willingness to lend a hand when needed, Tate is a valuable addition to our team.

Outside of SERVPRO: Tate enjoys catching up on his sleep.

Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers.

Man with brown hair smiling at camera

Tim Lindstrom

Title: Carpenters Helper

Tim is part of SERVPRO of Salem West’s Repairs Team.

Although Tim has only been at SERVPRO for 4 months, he comes to us with 4 years experience in contracting & painting.

Outside of SERVPRO: Tim enjoys playing Disc Golf and Board Games.

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride.

Man with brown hair smiling into camera

Jon Garinger

Title: Carpenter

Jon is the newest member of our Repairs Team here at SERVPRO of Salem West.

Jon has extensive experience in the carpentry field with over 20 years in the industry.

Outside of SERVPRO: Jon spends his time raising his family.

Favorite Movie: Fletch.

Man with hat smiling into camera

Darryl Rowse

Job Title: Repairs Specialist 

Darryl has brought an enormous amount of experience and skill to our repairs crew over the past year.

He has 30 years in the construction business and his experience can see a job through from start to finish.

Outside of SERVPRO: Darryl enjoys hiking, catching up on his sleep, and eating his favorite foods.

Favorite Movie: Holes.

Man with baseball cap smiling at camera

Mark Walden

Title: Reconstruction

Mark Walden is part of our growing repairs team here at SERVPRO of Salem West. 

Mark has been part of our team for the last 3 months, but has 10 years in the industry.

Outside of SERVPRO: Mark enjoys getting some relaxation in.

Favorite Movie: Jaws.

Young woman with brown hair smiling

Jessica Schader

Job Title: Fire Restoration Technician

Jessica is in her second year here at SERVPRO of Salem West. She comes to us with experience in lifting, packing, and caring for customers contents.

Jessica has been a wonderful addition to our Fire Team and has a hard work ethic and positive attitude.

Outside of SERVPRO:

Jessica enjoys going on outside adventures with her 3 children. They explore many places and frequent the parks and beaches. Jessica also enjoys arts, music, and dance.

Favorite Movie(s): Harriet the Spy, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Matilda.

Young man smiling into camera

Isaiah Edwards

Title: Water Restoration Technician

Isaiah is one of our newest additions to our growing team.

Being in his first months at SERVPRO of Salem West, Isaiah shows the team spirit needed to excel in this industry.

Outside of SERVPRO: Isaiah enjoys both fishing and hunting.

Favorite Movie: Jeremiah Johnson.