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12/30/2020 (Permalink)

Have you ever contemplated what you would do if water suddenly started spilling out of your dishwasher onto your hardwood floors?

Most people have never dealt with a water damage, fire damage, or mold damage in their home. And dealing with one can be overwhelming and many have no idea who to call when it actually happens. Some call their insurance (a good option), a great deal of people search the internet for such services (another good option). The best option though, is having a company in mind already that you know will take care of your home.

Take a moment and imagine…imagine putting into the internet search engine, “water flooded home” it happens often, and happens more frequently than many people believe.

When choosing someone to come into your home to provide services you want a reputable company. You want a company who takes care of their customers and walks them through the process step by step. You want a company that is people oriented and compassionate. You want a company with experience and that is a licensed professional.

Here at SERVPRO of Salem West and SERVPRO of Lincoln & Polk Counties we have been family owned and operated for over 20 years. Our technicians are certified through the IICRC Institute and our team is each given training and education on the SERVPRO standard we hold so important throughout each job. At SERVPRO we are people driven and proud of it. We call each other our teammates and consider ourselves “one team.”

We celebrate and share our victories and successes.  We fix, correct, and learn from our failures.

So if you are looking for a restoration company that is…professional, polite, sympathetic, educated, passionate, and reputable within the community…you don’t need to ask yourself “Why SERVPRO?” You need to ask yourself, “Why not SERVPRO?”

SERVPRO has grown over the years, our team has gotten bigger, and out name has spread throughout the community. SERVPRO of Salem West will be proud to care for your families home in your time of need. So give us a call, if you ever need us, we’re always open. We’re also always here to help!

Christmas Time Fire Safety

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

Preventing House fires around the holidays includes simple steps and provides peace of mind.

This blog will give you some information and tips and guidelines on how you can reduce the risk of a house fire around the holidays.

At Christmastime there are many things that increase risks of house fires. Here’s a few…and also prevention tips following each risk listed!

~Increased Baking and Oven Use (Tip: always stay in the kitchen while cooking & baking, and follow instructions on baking temperatures).

~Increased Electrical Use (Tip: If a socket sparks, or if lights flicker on and off, you need to get your wiring checked. Also, Don’t overload your breaker with too many outdated Christmas lights).

~Use of outdated Christmas lights (Tip: Investing in low energy LED lights for your house and tree reduces the amount of electricity used, and also the newer versions of Christmas lights stay cooler than the vintage kind).

~Letting your Christmas Tree dry out! I cringe when I think about us kids leaving the tree up until it was brown and crispy growing up! (Tip: Get the tree in water within an hour of chopping it down, if you bought it on a lot, re-cut the trunk and then place it in water. See that it has water everyday, especially the first three days when it will drink the most!).

~Lighting candles and letting them burn unattended (Tip: when lighting candles always keep a watchful eye on them and be in the same room. If you cannot guarantee supervision of burning candles invest in some LED ones to give you a safe option that doesn’t require constantly being near).

~Not having your smoke detectors up/working/batteries installed (Tip: This is pretty simple, you just need to do the check on your smoke detectors monthly by pressing the test button as instructed. And...okay, so maybe you got up in the middle of the night and put the “battery-dying-beeping-detector” under the couch cushions and threw every blanket you had on top! This morning is a new day, and you need to run to the store and buy those replacement batteries!!).

~Christmas presents piled high! (Tip: Too many presents only happens when they cause a blockage of a entry or exit point in the house, or if the presents are near a fire hazard or fireplace…also, if you can’t get to the base of the tree to water it!).

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips!

Enjoy this Christmas and may it be magical and joyous for you and your loved ones!

Unsuspecting Office Worker

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

Late at night, you may be the last one in the office…it’s quiet, it dark outside, and you begin to tidy up your desk to head home. Only when you turn off the faint noise of your 80’s music playing on your laptop do you hear it, you hear something…It sounds like a water fountain. Only you know that your office doesn’t’ have one of those…hmmm…you make the decision that each doomed horror movie expendable character makes, and you start to look and see what the noise is.

As you get closer to the source of the noise, your shoes begin squishing on the carpet below…you look down and realize you’ve walked into puddles of water. You round the corner in the hall and find the culprit!! A single solitary sprinkler head spraying water in an awkward fashion onto the floor and surrounding walls. You don’t know what to do?? You worked late, and it’s now after business hours. You try to reach out to your boss, no response. You think of what to do next, and you remember the facilities man that was in to fix the overhead lights last month. You rush to the company call list and find his name and title. You try calling the manager of facilities. He picks up right away.

When you tell the facilities manager what is happening, he instructs you to turn off the water. As he walks you through how to find the shutoff switch and how to turn it off, he says he will reach out to a contact he has within the community. Someone who deals with water damages like this all the time.

You let out a sigh of relief as the water stops flowing from the sprinkler head. A moment later, your phone rings and a SERVPRO technician gives you their ETA.

Shortly after you notice a bright green van pull up outside and several team members pile out and enter the building. They greet you, their hands full of what appear to be large green machines, with hoses and vacuum heads. Some of the other team members are carrying what appears to be large green fans.

After going over the process with you and confirming they have received the facilities managers signature to move forward, they get to work.

Like a well oiled machine they move throughout the soaked space, assessing damage, and extracting water where needed. A little while passes and the facilities manager shows up, he informs you that you can leave and head home now. He also said you did a great job calling him right away.

As you leave you feel relieved and yet a bit of adrenaline still courses through your body…it has been an exciting evening. Who ever knew companies like SERVPRO existed?

Stormy & Blaze Story

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

Stormy & Blaze bobble head shown Stormy & Blaze in Bobblehead form.

Stormy and Blaze are our SERVPRO Heroes. They are also a symbol and a sort of a mascot of our brand.

Stormy is a fierce female restoration technician, she has all the knowledge and know-how when it comes to water damage, storms, and all things related to disasters.

Blaze is a magnificent male restoration technician. He knows all things Fire damage related, and of course, all things disaster related in general.

Stormy & Blaze are a team. They work side by side, saving their customers from water, sewage, fire, storm, mold, bio-hazard…and many other disasters.

Together as a dynamic duo, these two restoration heroes are able to fix disasters both large and small. Whether it’s repelling down a building, preventing the spread of Covid-19, or removing toxic mold from a families home, these two never quit!

That’s why they have been deemed Heroes.

SERVPRO is a place where caring and strong people really shine, we have many men and women on our team who encapsulate what a hero really is. So as I am sitting at my desk and looking at these little bobble heads of our SERVPRO Heroes and who they represent, I think of all my teammates who are out in the field right now. Are they remediating mold? Are they inspecting a sewage drenched crawl space? Are they walking a home recently affected by a fire? The answer to all these questions, is yes. Because the SERVPRO team goes way beyond just the team at SERVPRO of Salem West. The SERVPRO team is nationwide and has thousands upon thousands of teammates.

So there is always a SERVPRO technician in a crawl space, or in an attic, or eliminating viral pathogens at a business…because we are one team. As a small business here at SERVPRO of Salem West, and as a nationwide service provider with the same values and mindset.

That’s who Stormy and Blaze are. They are each SERVPRO teammate, all across the country.

What Are “Secondary Damages”?

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

What are secondary damages in Water Restoration?

Water damages that are left unmitigated quickly develop secondary damages. The most common secondary damage is mold growth. Mold growth can begin as soon as 3 days following a water loss. It’s extremely crucial for homeowners and business owners to get water damages properly mitigated as soon as they happen, because most insurance policies have zero mold coverage/secondary damages coverage.

Another secondary damage is dry rot. Dry rot is what happens when spores in the air combine with wood that is holding more than 20% moisture, so it’s most likely when the structural integrity of the wood is compromised due to prolonged exposure to water. Dry rot can affect the foundation of your home and present very expensive repairs.

Unmitigated water damage also can encourage rodent infestations. Many times, even in brand new buildings, one small supply line leak can cause mice to occupy the structure. Rodents follow water and will go where there is a steady supply. Rodents can also more easily chew through affected drywall and wood.

Corrosion is also a clear sign that a water damage has been going on longer than it should have. With metals like pipes and nails, if there is rust or corrosion buildup that is an indication that coverage may not be a guarantee on your insurance claim.

Bottom line, if your home or business suffers a water damage, it’s important that you take immediate action and call a restoration company like SERVPRO of Salem West to mitigate the damage and prevent further issues. It may be an expense to mitigate a water loss, but it’s far more affordable than paying for secondary damages!!

Fire and they affect a structure.

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Damage alone is always difficult to remediate. But when you mix fire damage with extreme heat it can be impossible to bring the structure back to preloss condition. The hotter a structure gets, the more that will need replacement during the restoration process.

When heat reaches intense levels, it can permeate walls and surfaces rather than leaving a smoke/soot dusting on the surface. When heat causes soot and smoke to enter materials and bind with them…the materials become non-restorable.

So when a fire is small, but gives off a ton of smoke that affects the whole house, it will be easier to restore that house because the smaller the fire the less heat and adhesion.

When a fire gets large, heat starts to penetrate objects and materials, heat also can melt electrical and siding of homes as well as cause light fixtures, appliances, and engineered trim to distort and melt. Sometimes large fires don’t give off as much smoke, but due to the extremes of the heat they are just as detrimental to the integrity of the home.

Also, the source of the fire can cause how restorable the house may or may not be. For instance, a small fire that occurs due to a candle catching a newspaper is much less time consuming than a fire from cooking in the kitchen. Protein fires in the kitchen, while often confined to the stove, are extremely difficult to bring back to preloss condition. This is due to the oils that are often what started the fire. The residue that comes off of these fires is oily and difficult to remove from surfaces that it has affected.

So no matter the source of fire, or the size of fire, you can trust SERVPRO of Salem West to return your home to the sanctuary it once was again. With our knowledge and approach of restoring a fire affected home, you can expect the great results our customers have received for the past 20 years.

Consistency Matters!

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

Consistency in the restoration industry is of utmost importance. People need to have a restoration that they can depend on to take care of their home or their business.

What also is one of the foundations of our company’s success is handling issues and concerns as they arise and making it right again. This is paramount for a company to survive and thrive in the modern-day business world.

Consistent and well performed services are something that our customers here at SERVPRO have grown accustomed to. That is one reason that SERVPRO of Salem West, and SERVPRO of Lincoln & Polk Counties, get so many repeat customers.

From our office personnel to our account managers, from our water restoration technicians to our project managers, we all understand the importance of seeing a job through and paying attention to details along the way. That way, if a problem pops up, we can handle it quicker and more efficiently.

What we do here at SERVPRO is really a science, and a key element for science experiments to be successful time and time again is consistency.

Consistency in the way we dry wood, as opposed to drywall. Consistency in how we go about cleaning a structure affected by a fire…cleaning top to bottom to prevent recontamination of the area.

So once again, consistency matters. It builds trust, builds perseverance, and sets the standard at the right place from the beginning of a job to the finished product.

Local & Nationwide Heroes

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

As a franchise, each SERVPRO branch feels like a small community. We all pull strength and knowledge from each other in order to excel at each job we take on. Each technician is trained and tested in-office before working within the field.

Proper Training helps to set an expectation and gain a knowledge of how restoration services are performed and what the result should look like. On the job training is also a big deal, reading and taking tests can be informative, but it is different to experience a loss firsthand. That is why our new technicians accompany a skilled and experienced project manager when they first start to go out on jobs.

Each of our technicians knows that we are coming into peoples homes and businesses that have recently suffered a loss, be it water, fire, mold or any other damage…they understand that they must treat each encounter with our customers in a professional and compassionate way.

It takes a certain kind of individual with a serving heart to be a part of the SERVPRO family. Our values and ethics are instilled in us from the moment in time we choose to be SERVPRO team members, and we know from day one that we are a part of the restoration industry that exemplifies the values and standards that shine time and time again.

SERVPRO is nationwide, and the training process for our technicians is the same throughout the corporation. It is up to each individual franchise, and each individual SERVPRO Team Member to practice and uphold those core values. SERVPRO also has a Storm Team, which is who we call when a loss is so substantial it falls outside of our local resources to mitigate and return to preloss condition.

Across America, local and nationwide SERVPRO Heroes are at the ready to serve and restore. Here at SERVPRO of Salem West, we hope you don’t experience a loss…but if you do we want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us to help you return your home or business to the space you love and feel proud of.

SERVPRO’s Work On Recent Wildfires

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

In the recent weeks every single restoration company in Oregon has been swamped, busy, overwhelmed, and stretched to maximum hours and employees.

At SERVPRO of Salem West, we are fortunate to have national resources to call in for back up when disasters strike and local resources aren’t enough to care for the magnitude of homes affected. We know when we have to turn our customer over to our Storm Team.

These wildfires, and the wind storm that accompanied it, were unprecedented. Many vendors try and help as many people as possible, it’s human nature to do so. But it takes integrity and experience to know when the right time is to step aside and hand a job off to someone who can take care of the customer quicker.

At SERVPRO of Salem West it’s been an honor to take on the Wildfire jobs we have, it’s been a long and hard process. But seeing the end result has been worth every minute spent.

SERVPRO of Salem West wants to reach out and say thank you to our customers.

You have been patient while we worked with your insurance to confirm approvals of our services, you have been patient also knowing that other customers were ahead of you on our schedule…and you waited…having already waited so much.

First, you waited and prayed for rain.

Then, you waited for roads to open back up to get to your house.

Then you called us and waited for our inspection.

You waited once more for us to begin services.

You waited at your in-laws house…

You waited at your brothers apartment…

You waited in a hotel room an hour away from your home with your kids and large dog…

You waited in an RV on your property, not wanting to leave your home…

You waited and knew that disasters like this do not have easy fixes.

You waited, and while you waited, you did as we all did…and continued to live each day.

I hope it helped know you could always call if you had any concerns or questions throughout this process.

Finally, after all your waiting…you got the word from us that you could go home.

You thanked us, and we thanked you for your patience.

That is about the best feeling in the world for us at SERVPRO of Salem West.

Hearing our customers tell us how happy and pleased they are to have a safe and clean home to come back to, and after an event like this it is a great source of pride.

Thank you customers, for allowing us to help you through this disaster.

We are proud to serve you!!

House Fires in American Homes

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

You may think that house fires increase in the winter months, and you’d be right, but only ever so slightly (about 1% more than warmer months). When house fires actually increase a noticeable amount its not during the colder months or because of the temperature outside, but during certain hours of any given day within the year.

What are the peak hours during the day that the most fires happen within American homes you may ask? The answer is from about 4:30pm-8:30pm. Why?  Most of us are home by that time and should be able to catch a fire if it happens, right?  But most fires caused between that 4 hour period, are caused by homeowners themselves…and they are caused, by cooking dinner.

Cooking fires make up almost 50% of all household fires. And while many homeowners catch the fires before they cause substantial damage, many can get out of control within minutes…seconds even.

We cook with highly flammable materials and substances. Butter, oil, and fatty substances can catch fire and create a toxic coat of soot within the area in minutes.

When you are cooking, never leave something unattended and keep a fire extinguisher handy and close by. Make sure you know how to operate the fire extinguisher as well. Seconds and minutes can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a few hours of a smoky smelling house, and an entire home that needs fire restoration cleaning. If you have suffered a cooking fire, call SERVPRO of Salem West. We can help you return your space to it’s preloss condition.