Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Fire Extinguisher Clean-Up - Woodburn, OR

Not a quick clean-up. SERVPRO of Salem West was called to a commercial building for an emergency service to properly and safely clean-up fire extinguisher powde... READ MORE

Mold Mitigation & Clean-up - Salem, OR

SERVPRO of Salem West was called to a residential property due to mold growth in the garage. Mold growth can occur in as little as 48-72 hours so it is importan... READ MORE

We Clean The Forgotten - Silverton, OR

SERVPRO of Salem West does duct cleaning, did you know that? Ducts in your house or commercial property are not something you would typically think about, but w... READ MORE

We Are There After A Fire - Salem, OR

Whether you have a fire loss in a residential or commercial property in Keizer, OR or surrounding areas SERVPRO of Salem West is on the job. Our repairs team wi... READ MORE

Dingy to Brand New - Keizer, OR Door Mats

Entry rugs and carpets take a great deal of wear and tear through each season, especially during the Fall and Winter months. With the weather changing and rains... READ MORE

Salem, OR Business Glass Disaster

SERVPRO of Salem West answered the call of a local business before dawn on November 14, 2018. Upon arrival our team inspected the damage; glass and metal debris... READ MORE

SERVPRO's Here to Clean in your Keizer, OR Property

The weather is becoming chilly, don't you want to stay warm and use your heat efficiently? After time, the HVAC system and ducts in your property become coated ... READ MORE

Bringing Back the Shine in Salem, Oregon

SERVPRO of Salem West had the privilege of assisting the DOC by cleaning one of its buildings. We bring the shine back to buildings after they have become dark ... READ MORE

Silverton, Oregon House Clean-up

Vandalism causes grief to homeowners in Silverton, Oregon, but with a plan from SERVPRO of Salem West the homeowners are at ease. The step by step process, comm... READ MORE

Moldy Wall behind Furniture - West Salem, OR

This house in West Salem, Oregon shows an example of how mold can grow in damp dark spaces, yes behind furniture. This mold growth occurred due to moisture in t... READ MORE